Our tantric massage parlor : exceptional place in Brussels at the height of the expectations of the most demanding gentlemen.


In a world where we run behind our goals, our tantric Vertigo salon offers you the opportunity to stop for a moment to enjoy the benefits of simple pleasures of life. We have created, in our erotic massage parlor, especially for you, in an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, an exceptional place. In fact, the space that is dedicated to your well-being, is a place for relaxation and to dream, thanks to the kindness and warmth of our team.

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This is through a careful touch and an attentive ear that we provide all our services: complete body massages that aim to calm the mind while relaxing the body; and the Vertigo services for the absolute escape. In our tantric massage parlor, erotic massages lead to a stimulating, exalting and euphoric spirit. The tantric massage, meanwhile, slow and soft, will awaken the intense energy that will circulate through all the parts of your body. Our girlfriend service VIP massages is full of sex-appeal and give you an intense pleasure in complete privacy.

You are exceptional in our eyes and therefore we strive to prove it to you :

unshakeable discretion – everything that happens at Vertigo stays at Vertigo

Cleanliness and hygiene are the secret of a quality service

Professional team of masseuses, always listening to your needs

Warm atmosphere that transports you to another world

Spaces designed for your relaxation

Discover without further delay the different spaces that we have decorated with great care, only for your well-being.

  • Our different massage rooms with futons and traditional tatami mats.
  • Our relaxation rooms to spend unforgettable moments.
  • Our magic pieces that will transport you to another universe.
  • Our spacious bathrooms that bring relaxation.
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Our tariffs

Tariffs of our erotic massages and our different formulas are accessible to all! Out-of-competition prices for tailor-made formulas !